Hi. I'm Rick Maresch.

Online Strategy Consultant. Specialistic Generalist. I have a solid experience - an understanding of the big picture and how the different pieces of the business fit together - strong analytical skills - a unique and refreshing perspective about the internet in general and it's added value for any company.
A people's manager with a 'getting things done' attitude.

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I always keep in mind:

The 90/10 rule.
If your budget is €100 then spend €10 on tools and implementation,
and spend €90 on hiring people to transform that into strategy.

1. Do the things right

design or create

2. Do the right things

optimize or transform

3. Make it happen

deliver and monitor

Examples of projects I've done.

You can find details and references on LinkedIn.
Deutsche Telekom

Telekom Deutschland

Key User Journeys proposal
InSite Search
Web Analytics alignment

Pentax Europe

Pentax Europe

E-commerce 8 countries
Email- and database marketing
Social Media strategy

Nikon Europe

Owner of 30 European brand sites
Email- and database marketing
E-commerce 6 countries

Wolters Kluwer

Nassau publishers

Online publishing & E-commerce
4 online newspapers
Business development

ICS Cards

ICS Cards

credit cards for ABN AMRO, ANWB and Bijenkorf
CMS redesign proposal (Autonomy)
Multi channel content deployment

Interim Consultant

Online strategy
Actionable Web Analytics
E-commerce - Omni-channel
Social Media
European and virtual team lead Change Management
Consultancy Online Marketing and Advertising
Business Development
Consultancy Content Integration (Warner and CNN)
Business Development
Consultancy Content Acquisition

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I live in Oosterbeek (NL), but have no geographical limits ;)